Lineman's Rodeo

No human being should want to court the life risks of working at great heights with high-voltage electrical power lines during snowstorms, windstorms, floods and hurricanes. But that that is exactly what linemen do. They risk their lives every single day, through good weather and bad, so the rest of us can have electricity to watch our televisions, cook our oven dinners and get on comfortably with our day-to-day lives.

These brave Americans, who endanger themselves to serve uninterrupted power supply to each and every one of us, deserve their moment of fun.

And that is exactly what the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo Association (TLRA) does for our fearless linemen every year.

A grand event is put up for them, where they can showcase their pride in the profession of high-voltage linework.

The Texas Lineman’s Rodeo was formed to offer the lineworkers of Texas a way to showcase their skills in a family-oriented, fun and competitive environment. In many cases, the rodeo is the only way for the line worker’s family to witness first-hand what the job is all about.

The non-profit promotes charitable, educational and electrical safety activities for linemen. They teach teamwork techniques, promote sharing of ideas to bring innovation in the industry, and create a friendly atmosphere where linemen can network and connect with each other.

The 2019 TLRA event will take place on July 18-20 at Nolte Island Park, Seguin, TX.

Besides the rodeo, there will be many other attending events to enjoy, such as a golf tournament, BBQ cook-off, fish-fry dinner, music, dancing and so more!

To register for any competition, please visit the TLRA website by clicking HERE. TLRA is also looking for sponsors and volunteers.

Custom Truck One Source will be there! We’ll be teaming up with Terex this year so be sure to stop by the Terex booth. Cheers, for our linemen! Bring your family and friends to the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo and let’s make a grand success of it this year.

See you there!