Tornado Global Hydrovac - Custom Truck One Source Partnership

Tornado Global Hydrovacs and Custom Truck One Source (Custom Truck) are bringing big changes to the hydrovac industry with their new partnership. By combining forces, they bring a world-class unit to market and dealership network that has been missing in the industry since the inception of hydro excavation.

Typically, when a customer purchases a hydrovac, they are essentially put on an island when it comes to parts and service. It can be a lengthy pro­cess for repair and downtime can be staggeringly long, minimizing production gains, and slicing into hard-earned profits. No manufacturer has cracked the code for a complete service solution for the hydrovac industry, until now!

Custom Truck has the geographical foot­print, expertise, and financial backing to bring the sales and parts and service solutions to the United States hydrovac industry. Along with 26 locations across North America, and a service force of 500+ employees which includes a plethora of field service technicians who will come to your site, Custom Truck is also a chassis warranty dealership for Peterbilt trucks.


Tornado Hydrovac Trucks


When asked how this will impact the industry, Tornado’s National Manager of Dealer Development Rich Konkler said, “This really is a great partnership we are developing. Custom Truck’s goal to be the #1 provider of Hydrovacs in the country is not only great for us but is also challenging us in ways we haven’t experienced before. We are very excited to see where this is going to take the industry over the next few years.”

Being from the United States one might ask, who is Tornado Global Hydrovacs? Established in 1984, Tornado is a well-known manufacturer of vacuum trucks in the Canadian Hydrovac Industry. With their ECO LITE series hydro­vacs, Tornado has an operator driven, ready-to-work design that is weight conscious. “We are known for higher production and lower maintenance which gives a customer a higher profit return,” says Rich Konkler.

Paul Brouwers, the National Manager for Vacuum Prod­ucts from Custom Truck, agrees Tornado is a perfect part­ner. “To reach the level in this industry that we desire, we needed to partner with manufacturers like Tornado. In my opinion, Tornado set the standard for what true hydro-excavators are and continues to do so time and time again—an extremely easy-to-operate production machine that keeps on running.”

Custom Truck has put together a complete lineup of vacuum products. They have partnered with Tornado Global Hydrovacs, Cusco Fabricators, and Hi-Vac Corporation.

“We’re just getting started,” Brouwers said.