Freightliner M2106 LK 2000 Gallon Water Truck

Wherever there is a need for bulk water on wheels, there are water trucks with the right capacity (from 500 to 5,000 gallons) to service it.

These specialized vehicles carry large water tanks. The tanks have controlled spray nozzles mounted on the side or front to disburse water as needed. They’re simple, one-job trucks, but when you study their applications, it is easy to see why they’re in high demand. Not just seasonally, but year round, they are extremely popular trucks to buy or rent.

# 1: Dust Control

Construction, quarrying, and mining create a lot of dust. Wherever there are large-scale earth-moving operations, dust is an inevitable byproduct that impedes work and poses health risks (such as bronchitis, eye and lung irritation, asthma, and heart disease) for crews.

Water trucks are lifesavers in such scenarios. They work alongside digging crews, spraying water on clouds of rising dust to suppress them and keep the air clear for improved visibility and breath-ability.

# 2: Soil Compaction

The second crucial role that water trucks play in digging sites is soil compaction. The presence of moisture in soil affects its density. But if an optimum balance of water and soil particles is not maintained, the ground condition can be either too dry or too wet for industrial work. By using water trucks, compaction can be achieved and controlled. Because the amount of water can be calibrated, one can create whatever soil density is required during a specific project.

# 3: Agricultural Applications

Drought is one of the worst natural disasters that impacts the agricultural sector in the United States. It can cause billions of dollars of losses when water is in short supply.

The most infamous spell of drought in the nation’s recent history occurred during 2011-2016 in the Midwest and West Coast. This first brought water trucks into the spotlight as emergency irrigation equipment. States like California, especially its central valley area which grows more than half of the country’s produce, were losing vast quantities of crop. Livestock was also dying on farmlands for lack of drinking water.

Many steps were taken at the time to fight the drought. In 2008, for example, shade balls – plastic floating balls – were dropped into reservoirs to prevent water evaporation. Cloud-seeding programs, a process of releasing chemicals into the sky to artificially mimic weather conditions that encourage rainfall, were launched. Funds were secured to tackle different aspects of the water shortage.

But what about short-term solutions?

Farmers needed some sort of water supply to irrigate their land and hydrate their cattle immediately, and water trucks fulfilled this pressing need. They could carry both potable and non-potable water into rural areas to fill tanks for agriculture and water troughs for animals. They were capable of travelling through rural areas to go wherever someone needed their services.

What people primarily considered mining equipment until that time is now a fixture in farmland applications over the past few years. Now water truck rentals are even helping farmers reduce water waste by matching tank size to their specific volume needs.

# 4: Firefighting

In rural areas, where there are no fire hydrants, local fire companies keep an inventory of known water sources. This includes natural ponds, lakes, stored water tanks, etc. so they can use fire pumpers to pull water from these sources.

But what if there are no bodies of water geographically within reach in the event of a fire?

Water trucks are the quickest and easiest source of water in such circumstances, because they are portable and can travel to the fire. They also help fire companies be proactive by dampening ground that falls in a fire’s path to stop its progress.

# 5: Emergency Services

When natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes strike, the first requirements to rehabilitate a community are safe shelter and drinking water. Those in charge routinely deploy water trucks into crisis zones on such occasions. They help emergency management workers with a ready supply of safe, drinking water.

# 6: Urban Community Services

Water trucks find various applications in urban communities, too. Filling swimming pools is a common job handled by bulk water delivery companies. Landscaping projects with decorative water installations, like fishponds and waterfalls, also use them.

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