Custom Truck Capital Deferred Payment Promotion

90 day terms

No Need For You to Wait, But We Will

With Deferred Payment Financing from Custom Truck Capital, acquire the forestry aerial lift equipment you need today, with confidence. Here’s how it works…

  • Applications must be approved by June 30th and delivery by July 31st, 2020
  • Up to 72 month terms and flexible purchase options available
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Put No Money Down Make No Payments for 3 Full Months
  • First Payment Due in 90 Days

Acquire the equipment you need to grow your business today, with Custom Truck Capital. To learn more about Deferred Payment Financing and other Fast, Easy, Competitive Financing Solutions — ask your Custom Truck One Source Sales Rep or contact Custom Truck Capital directly.

Custom Truck One Source is a
leading assembler of forestry aerial
lift equipment. Our primary focus is
on building the best aerial lift trucks
for the independent tree trimming
and vegetative management market.
Acquire them Easily and Affordably
with Custom Truck Capital.

Gary Weiss
VP, Program Manager
Phone 267-960-4760
Email [email protected] | 833-CTC-FIN1

David Marano
Relationship Manager, Inside Sales
Phone 267-960-4737
Email [email protected]


Financing Guidelines

» Promotion valid for applications received and approved by Custom Truck Capital
by an authorized Custom Truck One Source location.
» Applications must be received between now and May 31st, and equipment
delivery taken by June 30, 2020.
» Customer must meet Custom Truck Capital credit criteria to qualify.

» Valid for new equipment and may also be available for used equipment subject to
review and approval.
» Standard documentation fee applies; applicable taxes and required insurance
are customer’s responsibility; down payment may be required should Custom
Truck Capital deem necessary per credit approval.

Forestry Equipment Lineup

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