Flatbed Trucks for Sale

When you need an option for hauling bulky or heavy loads, turn to flatbed trucks. These versatile vehicles can move equipment and materials with a wide open bed you can adapt based on your situation.

Custom Truck One Source sells many new and used flatbed trucks. You can use these vehicles for everything from transporting equipment to clearing debris for a landscaping job. Find a vehicle that fits your needs and call our sales team to learn the price.

Haul Equipment and Materials

Flatbed trucks are excellent vocational trucks because they are ideal for a variety of job types, such as:

  • Moving materials like lumber, bricks and scaffolding
  • Hauling small equipment
  • Transporting scraps like landscaping debris or other waste materials.

These trucks work well for many tasks due to their design. The open flatbed allows for convenient loading from any angle. The lack of sides supports awkwardly shaped materials or loads, whether building supplies or machines. The truck body and bed are durable, allowing them to hold heavy weights.

Choose varying bed lengths and widths for a custom solution that suits whatever you need to haul. Flatbeds even have towing capabilities, so you can attach a trailer to the back for additional storage.

New and Used Flatbed Trucks for Sale

At Custom Truck One Source, we sell various models of trucks with flatbeds. These medium-duty vehicles include the Chevrolet 2500, 3500, 5500 and 6500. We also offer Ram 2500 trucks. Choose a crew or regular cab depending on the number of people you need to transport. Our flatbed trucks run on diesel, providing reliable power for your operation.

Steel flatbed trucks are available from various respected brands, including CM Truck Beds, Parkhurst and Knapheide. Different flooring options are available depending on how you plan to use the flatbed. Steel treadplate is the most common, but some trucks use smooth steel or wood. Flatbed lengths on these vehicles typically range between 11.5 and 12.5 feet, and racks, toolboxes and rails offer added functionality.

Our new truck sales feature the latest and upcoming models, giving you a vehicle with premium features.

The Custom Truck One Source Difference

With a history in specialty truck sales stretching back to 1996, we understand the industry. Our experts bring years of experience to provide quality trucks and excellent service to our customers. Here are a few other advantages we offer:

  • Complete lifecycle support from sales or rentals to service and auctions when you want to dispose of your truck.
  • 24/7 availability to answer your service questions and get you back to work faster.
  • Warranty protection on various models of trucks and equipment we sell to customers.
  • Over 30 locations across North America, offering convenient access for many truck buyers and owners.
  • An extensive inventory of competitively priced flatbed trucks gives you many options.

Start the Purchase Process

Flatbed trucks provide hauling capabilities that benefit various job types. Start the purchase process by requesting a quote on one of the truck models we have.

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