Changeout programs for your worn rubber goods and other used lineworkers’ personal protection equipment are often cumbersome. When your firm starts to fall behind on keeping track of what needs to be replaced before a job, worker safety is compromised. 

Would you like a consistent streamlined process that puts safety first?

Custom Truck One Source offers our customers a regular changeout program that can simplify their routines while giving them the option to be as hands-on or hands-off in the process as they would like. 

Here’s how it works:

Custom Truck will take a customer’s inventory of lineman rubber gloves, sleeves, blankets, mats, and similar items and switch out those with either the customer’s own inventory held in wash/hold at the facility or replace with new if necessary. We then take the customers’ rubber and log it into our proprietary software,, where technicians input serial numbers, product descriptions and other data.

As lineman PPE is being cleaned, visually inspected, and tested, their service activities are timestamped and detailed into a secure online database, where customers can follow their progress. Custom Truck’s standard changeout timeline is based on the current ASTM standards but can be tailored to meet the customer’s testing requirements as long as they do not exceed the timelines set forth by the ASTM standards.

Most of our lineman rubber changeout customers opt to have us hold onto their items (wash & hold) until their next changeout is scheduled and then switch to fresh gear, which Custom Truck can even deliver to a job site if requested. But customers have plenty of options to customize the experience.

Some firms choose to make an appointment to have their lineman rubber goods stock tested and returned. Others who utilize our changeout program, can rely on us to manage their program and have their rubber goods ready for a swap when their current in-service rubber is about to expire.

If you’re a customer who wants to be involved in the process and track what is happening to every single item, gives you that visibility. Want to know about where a pair size 9 Salisbury glove is in the testing process? You can access that information. If your business is actively growing and you need to add or pull products to the changeout more frequently, items can be swapped out to fit your workflow.

We’ll also take customer service to the next level and perform a changeout at a remote lineman jobsite if it is in a region near one of our shops.


Custom Truck has six testing locations across the country where you ship or bring your tools. Please contact these branches for further assistance with our changeout programs. 


Alvarado, Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth)

Tim Thies, Facilities Manager



Poulsbo, Wash. (Seattle)

Josh Navarre, Facilities Manager



Tallahassee, Fla.

Donnie Herrick, Facilities Manager



Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Bill Hauze, Operations Director



Yuma, Ariz.

Joe O’Keefe,  Facilities Manager