Equipment Auctions

Whether you want to buy used farm equipment or sell your old work truck, our auction house is the ideal starting point. We make purchasing and selling easy with a user-friendly platform and features that create a meaningful experience for everyone involved.

Custom Truck One Source is a full-service equipment team offering commercial truck and equipment auctions throughout the United States. We’re the premier destination for buying and selling all kinds of equipment, including trailers, diggers, service trucks and crawler cranes.

Get to Know Our Auctions

Custom Truck One Source hosts online auctions once a month. Sellers can offer their equipment from one of our 35 locations or wherever they’re located in the country. We value fair services, which means we charge zero seller fees. We also offer sellers the chance to set reserve prices for their equipment.

Users must undergo a buyer verification process to obtain bidding privileges. Once verified, buyers will compete with other interested parties in real time during each month’s equipment and commercial truck auction. Our customer portal provides complete oversight over bids, so users can easily manage them and track the equipment they’re after. We recommend that all buyers check and test the equipment they get at auction before making the sale official since everything is sold as is, where is.

Our equipment auctions come with a range of advantages for sellers and buyers, including:

  • Proceeds usage: We give sellers the choice to receive their proceeds directly within 14 days or put them toward a heavy equipment purchase or rental agreement.
  • Warranties: Our team offers warranty add-ons to give buyers peace of mind in a worthwhile investment.
  • Financing solutions: We help buyers obtain the equipment they need now with custom plans to pay over time.

Choose Custom Truck One Source to Host Your Equipment Auction

When your underused equipment is ready for market, the Custom Truck One Source online auction platform is the ideal destination to maximize your equipment disposal. We’ve designed a system to connect buyers and sellers seamlessly and create an environment where everyone benefits. With our 30-year-old buyer network, we can put your forestry, agriculture, and construction equipment in front of thousands of interested buyers to help you get the return you deserve.

Whether you’re buying or selling, our team will stick by your side throughout the entire process. As seasoned experts, we know what it takes to host smooth auctions that make a difference for your business. Our liquidation team handles all the behind-the-scenes work to supply a hassle-free experience.

Custom Truck One Source is the leading provider of heavy equipment-related services. We address the entire life cycle of your equipment, from the first time you fire it up to the last time you drive it off your property — and every moment in between. Aside from auctions, rentals, and new and used equipment sales, we offer an exhaustive list of services. That includes remanufacturing, preventive maintenance, and emergency repairs. We’re a true one-stop shop.

Start Selling Your Construction Equipment at Custom Truck One Source

When it’s time to free up some storage space or replace a piece of equipment you’re not using anymore, Custom Truck One Source is ready to help. We are your go-to destination to quickly and effectively dispose of your assets when they’ve reached the end of their use life for you. Our equipment auctions balance the seller’s and buyer’s needs to forge an environment for everyone to succeed.

Regular auctions just don’t compare to our online auctions at Custom Truck One Source. We make signing up seamless for all parties involved, quickly getting you back to the business that matters. Contact us online to learn more about our auctions.