Custom Truck specializes in lineman tools and equipment for the utility industry. But you can also use these tools across various disciplines, including telecom, railway, and infrastructure applications.

Among our critical products are:

  • Dielectric: Often used around energized equipment, dielectric tools act as insulators protecting users from electrical currents. We stock our engineered fiberglass tools and other products from well-known brands.
  • Tools: We offer handheld and power tools that workers use to cut, drill, measure, and fasten materials in many different industries. 
  • Stringing blocks: These helpful tools allow linemen to transport, install and repair utility cables and other conductors. Custom Truck offers many new and used stringing blocks suitable for use in several industries.

Why Companies Get Their Tools and Supplies From Custom Truck One Source

Custom Truck is invested in the success of your operations and works tirelessly to help your business expand. When you choose to purchase from us, you’ll experience unique benefits such as:

  • Flexible financing: Our Custom Truck Capital experts will work hard to provide convenient financing solutions, offering low monthly costs. You’ll acquire the essential equipment you need for the job while conserving cash you can use to expand your business.
  • Convenient locations: We maintain 30 physical locations and operate out of more than 470 service bays nationwide, allowing us to offer assistance to even the most remote work locations.
  • Aftermarket service: If you ever have trouble with your heavy equipment tools or supplies, you can count on our experts to help. Our service network comprises 60 trained mobile technicians and 150 shop technicians always ready to offer assistance.
  • 24/7 customer support: Our support team operates an around-the-clock call-in center staffed by expert technicians prepared to provide repairs and maintenance support to any part of the country. You can trust our staff to offer reliable solutions, as 60% of all calls we receive are solved by the time you hang up.
  • Comprehensive inventory: Custom Truck One Source manages one of the largest inventories of tools and equipment, stocked and ready to ship from all our locations throughout the United States.

Request Your Pricing Quote for Our Products Today

You deserve to be confident in the equipment you choose. Custom Truck works hard to provide exceptional service, ensuring you have the right supplies and tools to flourish. For more pricing information, reach out to our team and receive your quote today.