Even though every utility job you land is important, all of them don’t require the purchase of new arms for successful completion.

That’s why Custom Truck One Source has a selection of in-house-made fiberglass arms of the highest quality ready to rent for your crews.

Custom Truck’s heavy-duty extension arms are specifically designed to take some serious punishment, whether from unexpected falls from 20 feet or accidental collisions with a utility pole.

The strong USA-made fiberglass used to make our dielectric hot arms means that some of them can be rented for a year, withstand some punishment during that time, and come back with very little maintenance needed. In most cases, we just need to clean up the returned arms, and they’re ready to go back out into the field.

Short-Term, Long-Term or Last Minute – We Have Hot Arms Ready

Utility professionals have their share of jobs with very little notice. Unexpected storms are great examples. Instead of purchasing a hundred arms to tackle one-time weather damage, it might make more sense for a company’s budget to rent. With a small amount of money invested in rentals, and the ability to return when the job is finished, it can be an ideal situation to maximize productivity and profits.

Rental is also an easy way to get the crews started quickly with a low initial outlay of cash.  The monthly rental charge is easy to assign to your jobs so a long term rental may make more sense for expense tracking and allocation of costs.

Since some of those short-term events are likely to take place during hurricane season, Custom Truck’s Tallahassee location, where our fiberglass arms are assembled, is well situated for storm activity around the Gulf. During Hurricane Ian, CTOS rented hot arms to companies that needed them to help rebuild Florida.

Reconducting jobs are another common scenario where rental would work. Utilizing rental reduces the initial outlay and makes it easy to get your crews working quickly.

If renting was the right decision initially but you would now rather own the extension arms, we can easily make that happen.  Our arms last a long time so even after the most demanding work, you will have plenty of life left in them to make a long-term purchase of the rented arms.

Available Anywhere

Custom Truck realizes that extension arms aren’t only needed in hurricane regions.

Customers can rent, purchase, or rent then purchase at several locations in addition to Tallahassee. These locations include Alvarado, TX; Bluffton, IN; El Monte, CA; Kansas City, MO; Poulsbo, WA and Wilkes-Barre, PA. You can view these locations here. 

We Are One Source for Your Stringing Needs

If you are renting or purchasing conductor supports you can also rent or purchase other tools and supplies for your stringing job from Custom Truck One Source.  We have inventory of blocks, dead end arms, grips, swivels, Y balls and more.  We can help you determine what you need and get it to you quickly.  Call our team at 800-252-0043 to get started.

Additionally, you can always shop remotely from a wide assortment of tools and brands at Custom Truck’s tools website.