Tools that are used to work on the power grid take an inevitable beating.

No matter how conscientious workers are about their gear, fiberglass and other materials are going to wear down, especially when frequently used in extreme storm conditions.

Our customers see it all, from hurricanes to ice storms, so after getting banged around on a job, their tools will need maintenance to stay safe and effective. Plus, regulations require that dielectric tools are tested at least once a year.

Testing & Repair

Custom Truck One Source repairs and tests dielectric equipment at five locations across the country specialize in tool repair and voltage testing. You can find our full-service shops in Alvarado, Texas, just south of Dallas-Fort Worth; Poulsbo, Washington, near Seattle; Tallahassee, Florida, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and Yuma, Arizona.

Our technicians will repair your dielectric tools to their original integrity, making sure holes are fixed and attachments are repaired. They also ensure that sealant is secure, so moisture does not penetrate the tool’s interior.

We test a dielectric tool’s fiberglass, and rubber goods such as gloves and sleeves, to make sure the items are up to ASTM/ANSI standards. Customers can track their goods remotely through the process, and these products are then certified and stamped accordingly.

Replacement & Changeouts

If your tool or rubber gear is not fixable or has lost its dielectric capabilities, Custom Truck can rent or sell you a replacement.

For contractors looking to have their portfolio of dielectric tools and rubber regularly refreshed, we have a changeout program that will take a customer’s inventory of lineman rubber gloves, sleeves, blankets, mats, and similar items and switch out those with either the customer’s own inventory held in wash/hold at the facility or replace with new if necessary.

Other services our shops offer include:

-Ground and jumper cable building

-Testing and refurbishment of pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and manual tools

-Complete repair of blocks and related items

-Onsite hot stick and ground cable testing service

Visit or Ship

Have questions about specific products or services at a location or want to make an appointment? Reach out to our team directly at one of the below locations. If you’re not able to make it to one of our locations, call the closest one, and we can arrange the services remotely.


Alvarado, Texas

Contact: Tim Thies, Facilities Manager

Poulsbo, Washington

Contact: Josh Navarre, Facilities Manager

Tallahassee, Florida

Contact: Donnie Herrick, Facilities Manager

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Contact: Lucas Wiles, Facilities Manager

Yuma, Arizona

Contact: Joe O’Keefe, Facilities Manager