Stop taking it for granted that tooling up a truck is a time-consuming mess.

Ordering a vehicle that is already kitted up with gear beforehand brings simplicity to your workflow, freeing up you and your crew to get the lights back on.

Custom Truck One Source sells tool kits that are loaded on your rented or purchased vehicles. It saves you from waiting around for a missing tool or glove that needs to be there before work can start.


How are supply chain problems avoided?

We are able to utilize our millions of dollars in inventory to make sure your truck has the tools you need when it arrives at your work site or yard. Custom Truck is a distributor of lineman tools with thousands of SKUs regularly in stock, so you won’t have an idle truck because of supplier delays.


When should I order a kit?

Whenever you’re adding a vehicle to your fleet. When you are working with your Custom Truck One Source representative putting your equipment plan together is a great time to talk about tooling up your equipment.  You can easily add a kit option at the time of purchase or after as we are building your equipment.

Some of our customers with kitted-up truck orders that arrived in September were surely happy when their vehicles showed up ready to tackle Hurricane Ian’s destruction right away.

Custom Truck tools up your buckets and diggers where they are built, in Kansas City, MO.  Our location in the middle of the country gives us easy interstate access to deliver your truck and tools quickly.


What kinds of tools are on the kits?

Your tool list!  We have standard tool lists to start with for buckets, diggers, forestry and foreman trucks but we will use the list you specify. Our bucket truck kit comes with more than 70 SKUs, including all the major brands as well as Custom Truck blocks and dielectric tools. Forestry kits, meanwhile, include hydraulic saws and other specialty gear for vegetation work.


Are the kits customizable?

Yes. Custom Truck accommodates customers that might need additional tools for specialty jobs or prefer a specific brand of gear. We’re ready to help you tackle nearly every situation, and our staff of experts can offer job-specific tool suggestions.


What if I have a truck and just need a tool kit?

Custom Truck will drop ship your tool list in as little as a week in most cases. We have utility tooling centers across the country, and therefore local inventory to support your immediate needs.

Interested in more information about truck kits?

Call your Custom Truck One Source sales representative or email your tool list to [email protected] to get the process started.