All transactions are governed by the Terms of Sale and Terms of Use agreed to by the purchaser.


Please take special note of the following:

    • -All prices are in US dollars.


    • -The customer places the order, which is merely an offer until accepted; they receive an order acknowledgment, which is an automatically generated email but does not constitute acceptance; the order may not be revoked for 2 business days.


    • -Custom Truck One Source has 2 business days to accept or reject the Order.


    • -All vehicles or equipment sold through the Marketplace shall be sold “AS IS” without warranties unless specifically designated otherwise.


    • -Buyers must pay invoices within 72 hours of receiving an Order Acknowledgement unless CTOS financing is pending and same has been confirmed by Custom Truck.


    • -A $1,000 fine shall be assessed and user account privileges may be revoked immediately following failure to provide an acceptable payment method within 72 hours of Order Acknowledgement.


    • -Invoice must be paid prior to equipment pickup.


    • -Buyers must present a gate pass at time of pickup; paid invoice may serve as gate pass.


    • -Buyers must contact equipment yard 24 hours prior to pickup.


    • -Equipment must be picked up within 10 business days of invoice payment.


    -The buyer is responsible for all costs and logistics associated with equipment retrieval.