Climbing Tools & Equipment for Sale

Custom Truck One Source has climbing tools for various industrial applications. We provide the climbing tools your crew needs for safe, efficient work at elevation, whether you’re working around trees, electrical poles or other tall structures. Browse our inventory to outfit your team with climbing tools for any application.

Types of Climbing Tools for Sale

If you want your team to work safely and efficiently at high elevations, you’ll need a broad set of climbing tools that prepare you for any situation. At Custom Truck One Source, we carry reliable climbing tools that will allow your workers to move quickly while staying safe. Request a quote for any of the following climbing products to order the sizes and quantities you need.

Climber Pads and Straps

We carry straps and pads that your crew can wear for comfort while spending long hours climbing. Our climber products adjust quickly to ensure the correct fit while keeping your team moving.


A reliable harness is essential to worker safety, so browse our selection for numerous options. We have multiple H-Style harnesses, many offering dielectric features to increase worker safety when climbing electrical line poles.

Handline Blocks

Handline blocks are small blocks that your workers can use to distribute rope by hand while climbing. Our handline blocks are available for ropes at various diameters, and every unit we sell is designed to offer the durability you need for job site safety.

Fall Restriction Devices

We carry fall restriction devices that ensure safety when working at high elevations by connecting the wearer to the pole they’re servicing. These fall prevention assemblies are easy to adjust and allow the wearer to move with minimal restriction.


Climbing lanyards are the most agile fall prevention devices. These straps attach to the wearer’s safety harness and wrap around the structure they’re servicing. Clips at either end of the lanyard detach for rapid adjustment when working around tree branches or electrical pole cross arms.


Browse our inventory for durable rope made for premier strength and abrasion resistance. We carry multiple diameters of Frank Winne PB-44 Tubbs Combo Rope, the most reliable combo rope in the industry. Add a request to your order to note the length you need.


We carry numerous types of climbing and rope accessories. Products like Climbing Gaffs improve the wearer’s spurs, while Gaff Guards protect the wearer from the gaff’s sharp edges. Our rope accessories include swivel, snap, and line hooks that provide reliable strength when clipping to a rope.

Financing for Climbing Tools

With Custom Truck One Source, you can purchase climbing tools and disperse your spending across low, predictable monthly payments. We offer fixed payments and financing up to 100%. Ask us about our financing options to build your supply of climbing tools at a low upfront cost.

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Custom Truck One Source is here to equip your fleet with the essential climbing tools you need. Please contact us online for more on our inventory, prices, shipping, or financing.