Custom Truck One Source provides wire grips for industries like oil and gas, electricity, rail, forestry, and construction. With dozens of locations across North America, we can deliver wire grips to your facility or job site. Browse our selection to find the wire grips your fleet needs, then request a quote to start your order.

Types of Wire Pulling Grips

Cable grips increase the pulling force your crew can apply to a cable or rope. Custom Truck One Source offers numerous types of wire-pulling grips that connect to the cable or rope in unique ways.

Chicago Grips

Chicago grips offer the durability you need when working with aluminum, copper, and aluminum conductor steel-reinforced (ACSR) cables — common types in communications, power, and construction applications. Locking loop handles make the grips easy to open as you position them on the wire.

Parallel Grips

Parallel grips are lightweight and compact, resulting in a versatile solution for wires of numerous types and sizes. A large opening allows parallel grips to connect with various types of hooks, winches, and tackle blocks.

Haven’s Grips

A Haven’s grip is a light, compact grip that prioritizes strength over maintaining the conductor’s structure. Haven’s grips reduce stress by allocating pressure to ¼ inch of the cable. Use a Haven’s grip for the strongest steel wires.

Wire Mesh Grips

Wire mesh grips pull overhead and underground cables when installing communication lines or electrical conduit. These grips consist of metal cut into a mesh form that distributes weight over a large area when pulling wires. Reducing strain on the mesh allows these grips to pull coated wires without damaging them.

Type of Jaw Contours for Wire Grips

Cable grips come in different jaw contours. The jaw contour describes how the grip clings to the cable. A jaw may be round and smooth or angular and jagged — the more teeth a jaw features, the stronger its grip. However, teeth may damage the outside of the cable, so you should choose a contour according to the type of cable you plan to pull. We offer four contour options for wire grips:

  • Single v: Three-point jaws for small-diameter wire and cables.
  • Double v: Four-point jaws for high-strength wires and cables.
  • Round: Toothless jaws that are gentle on bare wires.
  • Aggressive: Numerous points for times when preventing conductor deformation is a low priority.

Why Custom Truck One Source?

Custom Truck One Source offers the selection and convenience your fleet needs when purchasing cable grips. You can browse our online inventory to find a wide selection of these products. Our support team is available around the clock to help you understand your options and choose the best wire grip for your application.

When you place your order, we’ll deliver to your site from the closest of our 30-plus locations in North America to ensure you receive your products in a timely manner.

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