Single Stringing Blocks for Sale

Custom Truck One Source sells single blocks for conductor wire stringing. Our single blocks provide the reliable tension control you need for high-demand wire installation projects, and we can even customize single blocks to meet the most specific wire distribution applications. Incorporating these blocks into your wire stringing system will increase its mechanical advantage so you can lift more weight with less effort. Browse our selection to find a product that fits your rig and includes the features you need for the job.

Types of Single Blocks

Choosing the right single block for your stringing system will ensure you experience the full benefits of the tension control it provides. At Custom Truck One Source, we carry numerous types of single blocks that are ready to rise to your job’s demands. These blocks feature reliable materials like aluminum and urethane that withstand heavy use while preventing wire damage due to friction.

Browse our selection to find single blocks compatible with your specific type of stringing system or others that offer the versatility to change between rigging installations.

  • Full-frame blocks
  • Helicopter blocks
  • Universal blocks

Financing for Single Blocks

At Custom Truck One Source, we’re passionate about connecting fleet managers with the equipment they need to optimize productivity. When you shop with us, you can take advantage of our flexible equipment financing options. We offer up to 100% financing with fixed monthly payments so you can outfit your fleet while retaining enough funds to grow your business. We’ll even work with you to develop the ideal borrowing parameters so you can manage cash flow and maximize your tax benefits.

One Source for Your Fleet

Custom Truck One Source goes above and beyond to offer everything your rigging fleet needs. In addition to our single blocks for pulley systems, we also offer a wide range of block accessories that optimize your equipment for the application.

Our capabilities run deeper than block and block accessory sales. Work with Custom Truck One Source to purchase vehicles for your fleet, benefit from our maintenance services, and eventually sell or dispose of unneeded assets in the way that benefits you the most. We also offer rentals for fleet owners who prioritize flexibility. We’re proud to be a single source for hardworking fleet managers, so trust Custom Truck One Source for your every need.

24/7 Support

Having trouble with your single blocks? Custom Truck One Source can help. We’re available around the clock to help you troubleshoot issues over the phone. To help ensure a quick resolution and minimize downtime, you’ll get to speak with an expert mechanic as soon as we answer your call — not a salesperson or automated messaging system. If you need further support, we’ll send a technician to your facility as soon as possible so you can get back to work.

Browse Custom Truck Single Blocks

Custom Truck One Source has the single blocks you need to prepare your fleet for large conductor stringing. Browse our full-frame, helicopter and universal blocks to find the ideal choice for your application, then request a quote to receive a precise cost estimation. For more information on our single blocks and customization options, contact us online today!