Lineman Storage Tools & Supplies for Sale

Electrical linemen work high above the ground, providing maintenance for power lines to keep electricity flowing to homes and businesses. When working at these heights and traveling regularly to different locations, having easy access to tools is vital. Custom Truck One Source sells various tools and equipment to help linemen accomplish their electrical work, including storage solutions. This equipment also works well for other applications in the utility industry and beyond.

Keep Your Equipment Safe Wherever You Are

Linemen and other workers who do most of their work high in the air need tools that are easy to transport and use, even from a lift bucket. Whether providing emergency services after a severe storm or maintaining power lines to ensure a consistent power supply, linemen desire dependable storage solutions. Here are a few essential characteristics that lineman storage tools should have:

  • Durable materials that stand up to rough conditions like severe weather and constant transport between job locations
  • Various shapes and sizes to transport small and large equipment with ease
  • Pockets that are designed to hold multiple electrical maintenance tools and keep them organized for easy access anywhere
  • Brightly colored elements that allow you to find your tools easily so you can focus on the job at hand
  • Hooks and slings to hold bags and buckets while you work

The Varieties of Storage Equipment Available

Custom Truck One Source sells all the storage equipment you need to outfit your operation. We provide solutions from top manufacturers like Klein Tools and Estex, longtime producers of lineman storage tools. The kits we sell include everything from equipment bags to tool aprons, giving you transport for every device. Here is a bit more detail about the pieces we sell:

  • Equipment bags: Large backpacks and duffels help keep your equipment within reach during your daily jobs. Features like padded handles make transport more convenient and comfortable.
  • Tool buckets: Canvas tool buckets let you move and hang your tools from the side of a lift bucket for ease of reach while you work to repair the lines.
  • Hooks: Durable, cold-weather-resistant hooks attach easily to bucket lips to hold heavy tool loads.
  • Tool aprons: Keep all your most-used tools within reach using tool aprons with compartments for a hammer, hand tools and drill bits.

Why Buy From Custom Truck One Source?

We have all the equipment you need to outfit your operation. You can browse our equipment types online by category, making it easy to find replacements. If you want help finding the right storage solution or have questions about a particular product, our friendly customer service team is always available to serve you.

When you come to Custom Truck One Source, you can expect professionalism and top-tier service every time. We are always upfront and honest about changes to an order or things that may impact your purchasing process. We make it our goal to streamline every purchase you make.

Lineman Equipment for Your Operations

When you need new, reliable tool storage, we’re your source for everything from hooks to equipment bags, and we’re readily available if you have any questions. Find what you need online and request a quote to price your options.