Lineman Testing Tools For Sale

Linemen must install and maintain electrical lines in the air and underground. This job involves working with high levels of electricity, so having tools that provide accurate voltage, current and resistance measurements matters. Custom Truck One Source sells lineman testing tools to equip your team to work confidently at any job site.

Monitoring Electrical Lines

When monitoring electric lines, you want equipment to make your job easier. The tools we offer do just that. Testing meters have easy-to-read displays and are simple to operate, even when wearing protective equipment like gloves. The equipment we offer is also durable and able to withstand high drops without breaking. These features allow you to use testers repeatedly without buying new equipment. Many tools we offer come with protective cases, enabling you to move to various jobs and carry everything you need.

Tools for Every Application

Lineman testing tools provide precise measurements of metrics like current, voltage and resistance. Here are a few tools we sell:

  • Ground resistance testers
  • Utility meter testers
  • Current and voltage meters
  • Load break equipment
  • Voltage phasing meters
  • Ammeters

Each piece of equipment has a unique function. Ground resistance testers, for example, test ground electrodes to ensure a system is grounded properly. If a lighting strike or overvoltage occurs, proper grounding can lower the chances of fires or electrocution. We also offer equipment like load breaks to control the arc created when opening a circuit for line repair and utility meter testers to verify whether an electrical meter works as it should.

Get the Service You Deserve From Custom Truck One Source

We have served linemen and other utility customers since 1996, giving us a wealth of experience with this industry. Here are a few benefits of working with us to equip your operation:

  • One-stop shop: Custom Truck One Source has everything you need to outfit your lineman operation, from utility trucks to the equipment you put inside.
  • Caring and knowledgeable staff: Our team works with you from your first interest to your final purchase and beyond, ensuring you get the tools you need to succeed.
  • Financing options: With competitive financing, we can help you purchase equipment quickly and conveniently, allowing you to build your business.

Request an Equipment Quote

We want to equip your lineman operation for success with testing equipment that provides accurate data you can use while maintaining, repairing or installing lines. Browse our testing equipment online to find the pieces you need, then add them to your quote and get a free estimate. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions.