Heavy Haul Tractors for Sale

When you need to haul oversized or heavy loads, heavy haul tractors provide the required capabilities. These trucks are built to provide efficient operations across long distances, even when carrying large cargo. Turn to Custom Truck One Source for an extensive supply of heavy haul semi-trucks for sale. We have options from respected industry manufacturers to outfit your fleet. Once you find a truck that suits your needs, contact us for a quote to budget your costs before you buy.

Custom Truck One Source’s Inventory

Our selection of road tractors for sale includes three- and four-axle trucks, and the option that’s best for you will depend on the weight of loads you need to carry. We sell automatic and manual transmission trucks, allowing you to choose based on the expertise of your drivers. Our trucks have large diesel tank capacities, meaning you’ll have plenty of fuel to get you anywhere.

Brands we sell include:

  • Peterbilt
  • Kenworth
  • Freightliner
  • Volvo
  • Battle Motors

Our selection includes new and pre-owned options. Used trucks offer a more cost-effective choice for your operation. New trucks provide excellent longevity and the latest features. Even buy heavy-haul tractors through our online auctions. Auctions allow you to find quality machinery at less than the cost you might pay for new trucks.

Heavy Haul Tractor Applications

Heavy haul tractors let you transport oversized or overweight loads over long distances on the road. These trucks have various applications, including transporting large equipment or industrial machinery between construction or mining job sites. Heavy haul tractors can carry prefabricated construction materials like beams or infrastructure components.

Some buyers use heavy haul tractors for moving energy equipment. These loads may include components like turbines, transformers and wind turbine blades. Another application is moving airplane parts like wings for assembly in other areas.

Heavy haul tractors are usually used with trailers with more than two axles, distributing weight evenly to create a large carrying capacity. They often carry loads exceeding 50,000 pounds. Purchasing these trucks for your operation gives benefits like cost-effective transport, specialized applications and maximized efficiency.

Your One-Stop Shop

Custom Truck One Source brings you from the initial truck purchase through the final disposal with services that cover every stage of truck ownership. We offer new and pre-owned sales. Financing and leasing options give you the flexibility to purchase trucks. Come to us for parts and service to keep your fleet running at its best. Once you need a new truck, we’ll dispose of the old one. Here are a few other benefits we offer to our customers:

  • Pricing: We sell our trucks at competitive prices, meaning you get a good deal on the hauler you need to carry your loads.
  • Customization: We can adapt trucks to suit your needs, adding features to serve specialty applications.
  • Service: We’re available 24/7 to answer your service questions, meaning less downtime for your fleet.
  • Experience: Almost 30 years in the specialized truck industry means we have the expertise to serve you.

Find a Truck Online

With an extensive selection of trucks from trusted manufacturers, Custom Truck One Source is the place to turn for heavy haul tractors. Look online to see our available trucks and contact our sales team to get a quote.