3215 Service Crane

The 3215 service crane stands as a compact yet powerful solution, meticulously designed for efficient lifting in tight spaces. With a precise swing radius of 16.71 inches, this crane excels in navigating confined areas with unparalleled accuracy. Its winch system, boasting a robust 3450 lbs line pull and a steady line speed of 20 ft/min, ensures reliable lifting performance.

Equipped with 62 feet of 7/32-inch IWRC rope, the crane offers ample reach, complemented by a 15-foot boom length and horizontal reach, providing versatility in various operational environments. With a lifting capacity of 3200 lbs and a rotation arc of 370°, the 3215 service crane exemplifies a perfect balance of strength and agility, making it an indispensable asset for a wide range of industrial tasks.