6022 Service Crane

The 6022 service crane is a powerhouse of efficiency and versatility, boasting impressive specifications that make it an invaluable asset for lifting and service applications. With a robust pump capacity of 16 + 16 gallons per minute and a substantial 66-gallon oil tank, it ensures efficient hydraulic performance and sustained operation. The crane’s stability is enhanced by outriggers with a spread of 22 feet 6 inches, allowing it to handle heavy loads confidently.

The degree of boom elevation at 85° and a lifting capacity of 192,728 lbs. ft provide versatility and strength, while a standard reach of 59 feet 2 inches and hydraulic extension of 32 feet 7 inches offer flexibility in positioning. The 6022 crane’s 420° rotation arc, 34,439 lbs. ft rotation torque, and a working pressure of 4,360 psi further exemplify its precision and power, making it an indispensable tool in various industrial settings. With a weight of 12,400 pounds, this crane strikes a balance between strength and maneuverability, ensuring its effectiveness in diverse work environments.