7526 Service Crane

The 7526 service crane presents itself as a versatile and efficient lifting solution with notable specifications. Boasting a swing radius of 31.89 inches, this crane offers precision and agility in maneuvering loads. Equipped with a winch line pull of 3750 lbs and a winch line speed of 90 ft/min, it demonstrates the strength and speed necessary for lifting operations.

The 120 feet of 3/8-inch IWRC rope adds to its versatility, providing ample reach for a variety of tasks. With a generous boom length of 26 feet, a lifting capacity of 7500 lbs, and a horizontal reach of 26 feet, the 7526 service crane offers a balanced combination of power, reach, and flexibility. Its 370° rotation arc enhances its adaptability, making it well-suited for a range of applications in different industrial settings.