Load King Voyager® P 12 Foot Ford Propane Service Truck

Introducing the Voyager® P 12 Foot propane service truck, a remarkable vehicle equipped with cutting-edge features. This exceptional truck stands out with its all-aluminum bed, side rails, and headache rack, complete with E-Trac for enhanced utility.

One of its outstanding capabilities is the Auto Crane EHC-6, which impressively lifts loads of up to 6,000 lbs. and extends up to 20.4 ft. This powerful crane ensures efficient and reliable performance in any situation.

Moreover, the Voyager® P comes with several standard features that enhance its functionality. It includes rumber flooring for durability and a concrete block storage holder conveniently located beneath the body. The storage boxes are equipped with LED compartment light kits for easy access, even in low-light conditions.