Hot Line Tools

Hot Line Tools

Custom Truck One Source’s proprietary hot line tools are engineered and designed to meet linemen’s highest quality and safety standards. They are made of impact-resistant fiberglass, high quality castings, and CTOS’ proprietary clear-coat epoxy. The combination of these materials, and our unique manufacturing process, creates a tool that is extremely moisture resistant, enabling it to last in the field much longer than the competition.


We make an extensive selection of dielectric tools in several sizes and types, including:

Hot Sticks

  • Link sticks, shotgun sticks, switch sticks, telescopic sticks, wire-holding sticks, heavy duty tools and more


  • Two- and three-rail

Pocketbook Grips

  • Four bolt through nine bolt offered


  • Cable, ratchet and wire

Conductor Support

  • Dead end arms, extension arms and more

Universal Stick Attachments and Clamps

  • Lineman’s hands, switch hooks, cotter key tools and more

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