Track Equipment For Sale

Tracked Diggers

Digging holes on rough terrain, uneven surfaces and swampy jobsites may be difficult without the proper equipment. That’s where track digger derricks come in. Drive through mud without the fear of getting your equipment stuck resulting in downtime. Stay up and running by using a tracked digger.

Tracked Dump Chutes & Flatbeds

Never worry about getting stuck out in the swampy fields. Our track dump beds, manufactured by Kato, are the perfect solution to keep you and your crew up and running.

Personnel Carriers

Here at Custom Truck One Source, safety is of the upmost importance. That’s why we take pride in our personnel carriers, with track machines manufactured by Kato and Morooka. Choose from a 10-passenger personnel carrier all the way up to a 22-passenger carrier. Make safety a number one priority for you and your crew.

Specialty Equipment

Custom Truck One Source offers a variety of specialty track equipment specific for unique jobs. Go from land to water with our amphibious vehicles or take advantage of our welding units. Track machines are built by industry-leading manufacturers including Kato and Morooka.