Powertraxx Pt15 With Terex General 65

The strongest digger derrick in the transmission market – the General 65 MAX boasts greater capacities through all boom angles, but especially in the work zone. Whether the transmission crew needs low boom angles for digging holes and pulling a full auger flight of dirt or unloading pad mount transformers at high boom angles, the General 65 MAX has superior lifting capacity in all positions. At a 10-ft radius and fully retracted, it can lift 22,620 lbs. With optional X-Boost, the General 65 MAX features 25,000 lbs. capacity at high boom angles, which is 26% more power than its predecessor. X-Boost adjusts hydraulic pressure to increase load handling capability and enables strong performance for lifting at high boom angles. The General 65 MAX has the most competitive capacity ratings in the market.