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We have a comprehensive range of used and new boom trucks for sale or rent, with lifting capacities from 10-80 tons and the ability to reach heights up to 161 feet. This is the “Utility” version of Load King’s Stinger 50-155. This model family completes our suite of crossovers along with the 80-160 and 60-150. This machine is rated at 50-tons at 10 feet and has our signature formed “double-keel” boom with five synchronized sections reaching 165 feet at the tip. The crane comes with a 48-foot two-piece (lattice and stinger) jib for a maximum tip height of 214 feet and offsets to 15 and 30 degrees. The X-style outriggers bring unmatched stability to the crane by tying them directly to our center structure.

The winch controls are at the front bumper to allow an operator to set up alone. Outrigger controls are at ground-level on each side and in the cab. The deluxe cab comes with a fully adjustable heated seat, optional air conditioning, tilting tinted glass skylight, and a removable front windshield. The crossover line shares Load King’s intuitive touch-screen crane control system, which allows the operator to customize the crane’s operation on the fly based on the situation.


Some of our favorite features are:

  • We offer a conversion kit from Aerial (A92.2) to Crane (B30.5) standards
  • We optimize your ROI by providing a larger resale channel than for a used aerial device
  • A second winch can be installed at this time as well
  • 5-section proportional 155-foot “double keel” boom
  • Maximum tip height of 215 feet with the optional two-piece jib
  • Deluxe operators cab with dual axis controls
  • New crane control system with touch display, Bluetooth update capable, maximum operator flexibility for control of the crane
  • Remote and basket retained from PL180 to use with application