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We are truly excited to announce a machine specifically designed to meet the needs of our utility customers.  The PL180 (Personnel Lift) is Load King’s first machine designed specifically to the A92.2 standard.  The PL180  represents an advancement in this class aerial device with several features new to the industry. The main boom is 155 feet full power and mechanically synchronized, providing 165 feet of tip height. The included NON-INSULATED luffing jib and steel yoke-style basket provide 180 feet of working height. The luffing jib provides motion from zero to negative 80 degrees (relative to the boom). The remote controls operate all crane functions, including the luffing jib. For even higher reach, the basket may be installed on the two-piece (lattice and stinger) jib for a working height of 220 feet. At the end of this device’s economic life, we offer a conversion kit from the Aerial (A92.2) to the Crane (B30.5) standard, thereby providing a much larger market for resale.


Some of our favorite features are:

  • True aerial machine, designed specifically for A92.2
  • 5-section proportional 155-foot “double keel” boom
  • Non-insulated luffing jib with range from zero to negative 80 degrees
  • All new yoke-style basket with a capacity of 1,500 lbs
  • New crane control system with touch display, updates from Bluetooth, maximum operator flexibility for control of the crane
  • Remote control of all functions, including luffing jib
  • Maximum working height of 220 feet with the optional two-piece jib
  • Working height of 180 feet with the non-insulated luffing jib
  • Lifting capacity limited to 2,000 lbs
  • Conversion kit to 50-ton (B30.5) lifting crane standards for higher resale value
  • Fiber rope