Construction Trends in 2019

Trends come and go in every industry – and construction is no different. The innovations, findings, opinions and recommendations from a variety of business touchstones in 2018 is shaping the future trajectory of construction in 2019, and here are some of the highlights you need to know:

# 1: Better Software Solutions

More and more small and medium-sized construction companies will be jumping onto the management-by-software bandwagon, and adopting the latest software solutions to accomplish everything from bidding and estimating, project management, scheduling, billing, accounting and human resources.

# 2: Green Consciousness

With more than 20% of global emissions being attributed to the construction industry, going green is a primary concern in this sector. The concerted efforts to make construction projects more resource-efficient and environmentally conscious is going to increase this year and impact everything from planning, design, building, demolition and clean-up.

# 3: More Drone Applications

Unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with cameras are uniquely suited to carry out a variety of functions in construction, such as data collections, safety inspections, project progress reportage etc. In 2019, we will see a lot more applications for drones in construction sites, gathering information from remote, hard-to-reach locations and making work more efficient and job sites a whole lot safer.

# 4: Going Modular

Modular construction, prefabricated buildings that are constructed in factories, is the quickest way to develop residential areas without impacting the surrounding environment or being dependent on existing weather conditions. Plus, wastage of material is controlled because of pre-planned design, construction and assembly methods, which makes the buildings cheaper too. This year, we expect to see an increasing popularity of modular buildings in both residential and commercial sectors.

# 5: More Safety

Accidents and fatalities at job sites have been increasing over the past few years, and 2019 is going to be a year when safety equipment for crews will be re-analyzed and upgraded with new technology in the construction industry. Smart boots, for example, fitted with GPS devices so that workers, especially those performing jobs in remote or elevated locations can be tracked by their supervisors at all times.