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  • Before construction can begin, the land has to be cleared of what’s already on it. Which is why the dozer is one of the first pieces of heavy equipment to show up on a construction site. Using the heavy, flat, metal blade attached to the front, dozers push large amounts of soil, dirt, rocks and other debris out of the way to another location. Large construction projects require a lot of preliminary site work. Hefty dozers accomplish much of this is. They strip the surface of the site clean in preparation for the digging of foundation holes to begin.


  • Once the dozers have done the clearing work, the Front Loaders come in. They haul the collected piles of dirt and debris to the dump trucks. Front Loaders – also known as Bucket Loader or Scoop Loader – is a type of tractor that has a titling bucket in the front, attached on movable arms to lift and move material. The bucket on Front Loaders can hold 3-6 cubic meters of debris at a time.


  • Dump Trucks are the backbone of construction sites. This heavy equipment performs several jobs without which a construction project could hardly move forward. The first and most important is hauling soil and other debris away from the work site for disposal. They transport a variety of material (except soft soil) to the construction site as well.


  • Backhoe loaders are a tractor-like equipment with a bucket in the front, a shovel at the back and a swiveling seat to position the operator facing in whichever direction may be needed during a job. Backhoes rotate only 200 degrees, but they are very versatile and extremely customizable. In the construction industry, they’re used for a variety of purposes, such as digging trenches, moving dirt, backfill, etc.


  • Mixers allow you to produce your own batches of mixed concrete. It can then be transported directly to where it’s needed on the construction site. Depending on the average size of your construction projects, you’ll either need a large mobile concrete mixer on the back of a truck or you will be able to use a smaller heavy-duty, mechanically fed, drum mixer.


  • Trenchers are earth-moving pieces of equipment that employ a metal chain and high-strength, steel `teeth’ to cut through the ground soil like a chainsaw would cut through the trunk of a tree. They are used to dig trenches, install drainage systems, lay down pipes etc. at a construction site.


  • Construction work would be a nightmare if there weren’t any cranes to do the heavy lifting! A crane is an invaluable piece of heavy equipment, equipped with wire ropes or chains, sheaves and hoist rope, that lifts and lowers material, and moves them horizontally.

Construction - Heavy Equipment Infographic

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