Construction New Year 2020

By definition, the work of construction managers involves many responsibilities.  After all, they not only have to supervise and direct operations at a building site, they also have to make sure that projects are completed on time, within budget, and their workers are safe at all times.

The job comes with a host of responsibilities, and to help managers do their job to the best of their ability, the following recommitments should be made, and more importantly, kept, at the start of a new year.

(Remember that over 80% of New Year Resolutions are broken by February 17th!)

# 1: Safety First

It is absolutely essential to maintain safety standards on a construction site. Accidents do happen on the job and as a construction manager, safety should always be your key concern. Conduct inspections of equipment and tools every day to make sure everything is in good working order. Make safety checks of equipment like harnesses and braces mandatory before workers start on a job. Conduct regular safety drills so everyone knows what they are supposed to do in an emergency situation.

# 2: Team Meetings

You and your workers share responsibilities on a construction site. Everyone has to look out for one another as construction is a team job. Meet with your crew as often as possible to get feedback on any worksite issues. Construction managers can learn something new every day. Listen to veterans on the team. They can provide invaluable feedback and information based on their vast experience.

# 3: Prepare for all eventualities

Anything can happen on a construction site, so be prepared. Stay alert to inclement weather bulletins, and be ready to close the site in case of storms if necessary. Your workforce comes first and making them work through heavy rain or increasing snow can endanger their lives. Keep emergency equipment like flashlights, generators and a working radio at hand to deal with unpredictable occurrences. Make sure your work area is secure and preferably have security guards on the site should there be an unforeseen incident like a terror attack or attempts at the theft of expensive equipment.

# 4: Delegate Authority

It is impossible for a construction manager to be at all places at one time. You may be summoned to a meeting offsite, for example, or called to settle some matter out of your office. Having trusted people around you, preferably experienced hands ready to take up the baton in your absence, is not just a blessing but a necessity. Be willing to accept advice from others. Know you cannot do everything by yourself, and let others share the workload. This will lead to less stress and allow you to take care of more important things without losing the big picture.

# 5: Stay Updated

Construction is an ever-changing sector. There are new developments in the field every day, be it equipment or guidelines on how to go about the job or even city ordinances. Staying abreast of new developments helps keep you up to date with the latest in the field and also allows you to make changes as needed while on the job, which could make life easier for workers as well.

# 6: Set Goals

As with every New Year’s resolution, there is a matter of setting goals for yourself. Be sure they are realistic and achievable. Setting goals that are almost impossible to achieve may lead to you thinking you have failed, even though it may not be your fault. Realistic goals, once achieved, will give you a sense of fulfillment.

# 7: Get Certified

Create some value-addition for yourself. More qualifications can make you even better at what you may already do very well. One such qualification would be project management certification. Once certified, you would get to work on more prestigious projects not to mention earn a higher salary.


Good luck, and a Happy New Year!