Spec 250 Hi-Rail Truck with aluminum wheels

Did You Know that, among its many offerings, Custom Truck stocks Aluminum wheels for customers who wish to retrofit their service vehicles? Aluminum provides a myriad of benefits that improve overall operation and extend vehicle longevity. Below, we’ve listed a few for your review.

Lighter than their steel counterparts, aluminum wheels improve vehicle performance & handling. A reduction in unsprung weight decreases strain on the suspension system, thus promoting improved road holding, isolation, and cornering.

Enhanced Traction also yields improved braking. Additionally, lighter loads and increased performance optimizes the vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency.

A Superior Heat Conductor, aluminum extends the lifespan of tires. The hotter a tire becomes, the faster its rubber material degrades. Given the alloy’s superior ability to dissipate heat, tires mounted on on aluminum wheels stay cooler, longer.

Greater Resistance to Corrosion & Rust means a reduction in maintenance costs. Aluminum does not share steel’s sensitivity to moisture and corrosive compounds. If aluminum does become corroded, a quick polish will typically do the trick.

The Winner between steel and aluminum is clear. Aluminum wheels provide heightened handling, maximize overall longevity, and reduce lifetime operating costs.


For a quote on aluminum wheels for your truck, give us a call at 844-282-1838 or you can request a quote online.


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