Truck & Heavy Equipment Inspections

With trucks and heavy equipment comes an additional responsibility: clearing annual inspections on time and on schedule, to make sure your business does not violate any governing laws. It is certainly an additional task, and a very time-consuming one. It often frustrates new owners who want to concentrate on growing their business.

That is why Custom Truck One Source is here to help take care of annual inspections for their customers!

Three principal annual checks – DoT Inspection, ANSI Inspection and Di-Electric Inspection – are tasks you can safely leave in our capable and experienced hands when you buy trucks and ancillary heavy equipment for your business. We undertake to make sure your equipment is compliant with the laws.

But first, what are these inspections?

# 1: DoT Inspection

In order to ensure that all CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) parts and accessories are safe and in good working order, a DoT Inspection is required by the Department of Transportation annually. Once your CMV passes the inspection, you receive a sticker to display on your vehicles. This shows that they are certified.

Obtaining a DoT inspection is easy and hassle-free because Custom Truck One Source can handle the procedure for you. It shouldn’t have much of an impact on the day-to-day running of your business. We’ll conduct the inspection, install the certification sticker for your CMV, and give you a hard copy of the inspection check sheet for your vehicle’s file that must be preserved for a period of 14 months.

# 2: ANSI Inspection

Heavy equipment, such as CMVs with mounted aerial lifts, digger derricks, cranes, pressure diggers, etc. must follow inspection standards set by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

The ANSI Inspection checks for anomalies. These could be absence or illegibility of markings or tags, unauthorized alteration of parts, evidence of defects, damages, etc. This secures maximum protection against falls and accidents. It also accounts for any wear and tear that may render equipment unfit for service.

The operator should check gear and equipment before each use and qualified personnel should formally inspect it at least once a year (or more frequently if required by the manufacturer). Custom Truck One Source is ready to handle your ANSI inspection on your truck-mounted aerial devices.

# 3: Di-Electric Inspection

The Di-Electric inspection verifies the electrical insulating strength in the Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) upper and lower booms, bucket, liners, FRP extensions on digger derricks, tool circuits, and upper control system.

Insulated aerial devices protect workers from electrocution. The law requires di-electric testing to ensure that the insulating portion of the machine is safe and fully functional. New equipment has to be Di-Electric tested at the factory in accordance with ANSI requirements to verify insulating rating. Additional tests are performed annually (or more frequently if required by the manufacturer) to confirm the insulating value after units are completed and put into operation.

Let Us Handle These Mandatory Annual Inspections For You!

Custom Truck One Source has you covered! We’re America’s first true single-source provider of specialized truck and heavy equipment solutions and we’re standing by to help you!

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