a rotary dump, often used for ballast work, using it's rotary mechanisms

Ballast, and the sub-ballast, below, is comprised of crushed stone. Ballast functions as the foundation, or trackbed, upon which crossties rest. It serves to bear tie loads, stabilize track structure, expedite water drainage, and hamper invasive track vegetation. Therefore, ballast work is an important part of railroad operations.

Railroaders primarily use Hi-Rail Dump Trucks for ballast work. They allow them to easily transport and lay ballast that will eventually be graded and/or tamped by ballast regulators or tampers.

Custom Truck’s Spec 760 Rotary Dump features a 14’ 12 cubic yard Elliptical Dump Body that utilizes a 180° Rotating Turntable and a Telescopic Hoist Cylinder to achieve its Rotary Dump Function.

The Elliptical Dump body’s design is great for ballast work. For example, radial walls reduce the impact force of discharged material, alleviate material stagnation, and facilitate post-job cleaning. Adjustable Spreader Chutes permit the operator to manipulate the dispersal volume of deposited material.

There is a slight risk of vehicle tipping associated with ballast dumping. This is due to the rotary function and the associated load shifts. However, raildogs are an effective preventative measure against load tipping. The raildog apparatus binds the Roto Dump to the rail by means of a clamp affixed to the railhead while the opposite side of the clamp is mounted to the 760’s frame.




30-Ton Pintle Hitch is useful for towing heavy loads to and from job sites.

Heavy-Duty Railgear allows Road-to-Rail travel. The 760’s gear accommodates 20 tons per guide wheel axle at 20 mph.

We also outfit each truck with our standard LED Railroad Lighting Package:

  • 4-Corner Flashing LED Amber Strobes
  • Amber Strobe (Dump Body Mount)
  • Front & Rear Railgear LED Lighting.

If selected as an option, the operator may operate the dump bed via Radio Remote Control, which effectively streamlines the operation of the 760 while optimizing the operator’s track-time.

Going beyond our standard spec, we may provide Customized Variants tailored to accommodate the Unique Needs of Your Operation.