When it comes to transportation in the United States, there are over 140,000 miles of railway that are laid out. To maintain and traverse the network of tracks fast, railroad workers use hi-rail section trucks to get around.

In the railroad industry, most labor involves keeping railroads functioning in top condition. This requires getting key personnel and equipment from one location to another. Hi-rail section trucks give space and flexibility to bring anything needed for a job to the right place. 

If you’re a part of the railroad industry, then you need to know about hi-rail section trucks. Want to learn more about them? Keep reading to find out what you need to know about these hi-rail section trucks and why they’re so useful. 


Features of Hi-Rail Section Trucks 

Hi-rail trucks are powerful vehicles with a lot of space and strength for the tough railroad jobs within the railroad industry. 

They have a diesel engine and can fit up to six people within a single cab, as well as a gross vehicle weight rating of 56,000 lbs. Hi-rail trucks come with a variety of configurations to fit the jobs they’re called upon. 

A full hi-rail package for trucks can come with a hydraulic crane, 3-section hydraulic boom extension. Cranes and storage compartments on the truck are very useful when difficult jobs require many tools and force larger materials to move. They can help lay down new rail tracks and move supplies.


Types of Hi-Rail Trucks 

There are multiple kinds of trucks that can have a hi-rail configuration, with different uses and functions. Hi-rail pickups are commonly used for simple transportation and track geometry. Hi-rail inspection vehicles are made for railroad workers to inspect tracks for any misalignments, deviations, or mud spots. 

Signal maintainers and material handler hi-rail trucks are for workers who look over signals and crossings, as well as handle salvage and miscellaneous track components. Rotary dumps and welding vehicles are trucks for depositing larger loads and assisting welding crews in maintaining rail lines. 

Hi-rail section trucks can also be customized for railroad jobs that don’t fall within those categories. This can be for things that are specialized jobs that are unique. 


Knowing About Hi-rail Section Trucks 

With our guide on everything related to hi-rail section trucks, you’ll have a greater understanding of why they’re so useful to the railroad industry. The vast network of railroad lines within the country needs to have the best tools available in order to maintain them. 


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