CUSCO Turbovac vacuum truck

Storms are one of the most common and damage-causing natural catastrophes that take place in the United States. Because of how common they are, being ready for storm season as well as the aftermath is important. Many people may not know of all the ways cities and companies prepare for possible storm damage. One tool to prepare for storm season is the use of vacuum trucks.

These trucks help prepare areas for the upcoming season as well as help with the effects of these storms. To learn about what vacuum trucks are, how they work, and the benefits of using them, continue reading.

What Are Vacuum Trucks?

The vacuum truck is a type of truck that uses a pump and tank to clean up any debris left in septic systems or by passing storms. The pump collects what needs to be cleaned up, and then the tank holds this debris. The debris is then transported to the disposal site.

Types of Vacuum Trucks

There are three types of vacuum trucks:

  • Hydro Excavation trucks
  • Combo Sewer/Jetter trucks
  • Environmental/Industrial trucks

Hydro excavating trucks involve the use of high-pressure water jets. These water jets help excavate underground areas. This form of excavation is non-invasive, making it more a popular approach to excavation.

Combo sewer/jetter trucks use high-pressure water jetting and high-power vacuuming to clean out sewers and pipes. The debris is pushed out by the jet and then vacuumed up.

Environment/industrial trucks are used to clean up any dangerous liquid or debris. These trucks are commonly used for emergencies and to clean up any damage that is hazardous.

Preparing for Storm Season

Cities and companies must begin preparing for storm season as soon as they can.

One way vacuum trucks help prepare for storm seasons is through waste management. If a septic system is not properly managed, it can be damaged by heavy rain and flooding. These trucks help manage septic systems throughout the area making sure they are ready to endure any storms that occur.

Emergencies During Storm Seasons

These trucks do more than just clean out and manage septic systems. When there is an emergency caused by storm damage, vacuum trucks are important in resolving the issue.

These trucks play an important role in rescue missions and other emergencies caused by storms and other environmental disasters. Vacuum trucks help clean up dangerous debris left behind by storms.

Benefits of Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trucks have advanced technology that makes large and dangerous jobs easier. These trucks offer a variety of benefits to large-scale cities, municipalities, and so on.

Here are some of the beneficial effects they offer.

1. They Handle Big Messes

These trucks are the go-to option when it comes to storm cleanup. Because of their high-pressure water jets and high-power vacuum pumps, they are able to handle large messes better the other cleaning options.

Because of the technology these trucks use they can clean up any liquid, solid, or sludge brought in by a storm that needs to be handled immediately to avoid further damage.

2. They Manage People’s Septic Tanks

As mentioned earlier, these trucks have the purpose of cleaning out septic systems. If a septic system is not managed properly, damage can occur.

Damage that can occur:

  • Sinks and toilets drain slowly
  • Floor drains overflow
  • Flooding of sewage outside

Avoiding this damage is simple if proper waste management takes place.

3. They Help With More Than Cleaning

Vacuum trucks have more than one use. They can help with drilling and excavation jobs.

When these jobs are complete, it is very common for debris to be leftover. Once the job is complete, vacuum trucks are brought in to clean up the debris that otherwise would be difficult to remove.

4. They Save Lives

When these trucks are called out for an emergency, they are vital in saving those in danger. Whether hazardous debris is keeping emergency services away from the rescue site or those in danger are trapped in the debris, vacuum trucks are there to help.

The vacuum trucks can quickly and efficiently clean up the debris so the next steps in the rescue can take place.

Prepare for Storm Seasons Right

Vacuum trucks offer many benefits to cities, municipalities, and industries, especially those that are harshly impacted during storm seasons.

Preparing for upcoming storm seasons is a must, and vacuum trucks are perfect for preparation. Contact us today for any heavy equipment needs.