Iowa Mold Tooling Company Inc. (IMT), a top manufacturer of service vehicles, truck-mounted cranes, hydraulic loaders, and air compressors and an important supplier to Custom Truck One Source for 20 years has introduced the new IMT CMD.CTRL system for the Dominator, mechanics body product line.  



The new controls system is now standard with IMT Dominator Mechanics Trucks and combines strong, reliable hardware with flexible, intuitive software to give operators a productive, user-friendly experience. Core components of the new system include convenient cab controls, service body compartment controls, and the wireless remote-control system. Operators will be fully equipped to handle crane and body operations remotely. The IMT CMD.CTRL system is a controls platform that will operate the crane, rear stabilizers, work lights, interior lights, compressor, and auxiliary equipment remotely from the wireless remote control. IMT is taking the industry standard to a new level by enabling all components on the Dominator mechanical body to be operated remotely from the same system. The new system provides operators with safety, productivity, and reliability.  


  • An advanced Load Moment Indicator (LMI) provides the crane operator with real-time load and safety information.  
  • The crane, body, and compressor wireless remote control allow operators to operate all functions remotely.  
  • Operators can customize multiple operations, including flood lights, compartment lights, and other operations.  
  • An IP67-rated crane compartment display and remote-control modules ensure protection from the elements.  
  • Improved, remote and easy-to-understand diagnostics reduce errors in troubleshooting.  


Custom Truck One Source started receiving deliveries of IMT Dominators with the new CMD.CTRL system last summer and we are able to report the new product has performed well.  

The new CMD.CTRL has been accepted well by our customers.    

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