2019 International Lineman's Rodeo

International Lineman’s Rodeo, the premier electric utility industry event that has been attracting the best linemen from around the world for the past 35 years, just concluded in Kansas for 2019 (October 16-19).

Competitions were held, based on traditional lineman tasks, and participation was as huge and as enthusiastic as ever. Many of the skills on display at the rodeo are less frequently used these days, but the tasks – such as climbing, working off a pole and using hot sticks rather than gloves – remain a critical part of lineman training.

Participants focused on discipline and worked as a team to show the world they were on top of their game, and it was a moment of great honor for colleagues, families and friends to watch the incredible bravery and stamina of linemen, who risk their lives every day, through rainstorms, hurricanes, snow and shine, to keep powerlines in working order.

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The event had other attractions too!

More than 150 of the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers were present, showing the latest developments in tools, equipment, technology and services. A free safety conference was held where linemen learned about the utility industry’s latest safety techniques. Our American linemen had an opportunity to connect and interact with their peers from all over the world.

We at Custom Truck One Source were delighted to be part of this year’s International Lineman’s Rodeo.

In partnership with Terex Utilities, we provided equipment for the Hurtman Rescue event at the Rodeo in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

Four Optima TC55 aerial devices mounted on 2020 Freightliner trucks were used in the Hurtman Rescue competition. (The TC55 is a 60-ft working height, non-overcenter aerial with up to 42.8 ft of side reach.) During the Hurtman Rescue, workers demonstrated how to quickly and safely they could lower an unconscious worker from the top of a pole.

“Maneuverability, ease of boom positioning, and responsiveness are benefits of the compensated boom design — all important features in a rescue situation,” said Mike Pulos, Utility Equipment Manager at Custom Truck One Source.

The event, which started in September 1984 with only 12 participating teams from Kansas and Missouri, has now grown into an international event that showcases over 200 teams and 300 apprentices.

We’re looking forward to the next iteration of the International Lineman’s Rodeo, which will be held on October 14-17, 2020.

See you there!