Load King Stinger 80-160 which will feature the new Greer MG6 computer

American Cranes and Transport recently featured information on the new Greer MG6 Computer that Load King is incorporating into their crane line. Read below for more information and background on Load King’s history of partnership with Greer.

The first Terex 4792 RCL system was installed by Custom Truck in 1999 under the supervision of Greer. Load King is continuing a long history of collaboration with Greer on their newest crane, the Stinger 80-160. Greer has introduced a new computer – the MG6 – which will be incorporated into the entire Load King line.

The most significant benefit of moving to the MG6 computer from the MG5 is the serviceability of the unit in the field. The MG5 had pressure transducers, relays and a power controller inside a sealed enclosure. Failure of any part in the enclosure meant replacing the entire assembly. The MG6 now utilizes external components that can be remote mounted and individually replaced. Remote mounting also simplifies hydraulic routings and removes points of failure. Power distribution has been moved to an upgraded wiring harness and a separate CAN-based controller. This increases serviceability, reliability and improves the diagnostic capability of the system.

Migrating to the MG6 also allows Load King to introduce the TS7 touch screen display on the new Stinger 80-160 boom truck. This display features a 7-inch glass-front, glove-friendly touchscreen, enhanced clarity and full color graphics in an IP67 enclosure. Load King boom trucks under 40 tons will continue to use the Insight display together with the new MG6 computer. Load King will be bringing more CAN-based controllers to the entire line. Moving to the CAN-based MG6 is a first step, the company said. Future enhancements will include things like CAN keypads for outrigger controls and upgraded remote controls.

“Load King values our long-standing partnership with Greer, which has allowed us to provide our customers with innovative and quality products,” said John Lukow, senior vice president, cranes, Load King. “The RCL enables our customers to work at a high-level of efficiency, furthering their business goals. We’re proud of the technology we’re able to offer within our product lines thanks to this collaboration.