Personnel Carrier

With the ever-growing concern for safety in the workplace, the demand for transporting employees safely in the field is vastly growing in the Oil & Gas and Utility Industry. Custom Truck One Source’s personnel carriers remain committed to efficiency, quality and safe transport. They get employees in and out of the job site in any weather or rough terrain condition. Our rubber tracked, low ground pressure PC’s come in open ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) or fully enclosed with heat and air conditioning. We can handle just about any size crew. We have 4-man personnel carriers, all the way to 22-man personnel carriers. Whether you are working in the mud or hilly terrain, let our personnel carriers safely transport your personnel.

You might also see a pink personnel carrier roaming the rough terrains! In 2016, Custom Truck One Source built and painted a pink personnel carrier for the Susan G. Komen, Arkansas Chapter, Race for the Cure. The 10-man personnel carrier transported several breast cancer survivors and led the Race for the Cure.



Pink Personnel Carrier