Every truck that Custom Truck One Source sells or rents has a job to do out in the field, and more often than not, those jobs will require additional tools to accomplish a task.

A bucket truck isn’t much use on a utility job if it is not supplied with hot sticks, clamps, crimpers, grounding cable, and other vital tools needed to work on the grid.

That’s why Custom Truck encourages our customers to have their vehicles kitted up with tools before they have the vehicle delivered.

Custom Truck is a manufacturer and distributor of all the tools line workers require, from PPE to rigging gear, to stringing blocks and fiberglass tools. Since we already have a huge inventory in stock, our customers’ trucks arrive with tools ready to work.

In addition to convenience, securing a tool kit also gives customers a sense of well-being because a lot can go wrong between the truck arriving and a kit being placed on the vehicle.

Trucks might sit in yards for extended periods of time waiting for tools because the items are on backorder. Getting a kitted vehicle also avoids the process and expense of making multiple purchase orders or even paying a third party to tool up the vehicle.

Most importantly, kitted-up trucks give our customers the ability to meet their deadlines and operational requirements.

Customized for the Job

Custom Truck offers standard kits for bucket trucks and diggers that include tools needed for any job.

Our standard bucket truck kits come with about 75 tools, including grips, hoists, rigging, grounds, jumpers, testing equipment, powered tools, cutters, crimpers, hotline tools, accessories, and safety gear.

But if you know a job is going to require more than one chainsaw kit, additional extension arms, or a wider selection of dies, Custom Truck has what you need and can easily make the changes.

Our digger truck kits are assembled for digger derricks and pressure diggers. They come with anchor tools, as well as grips, grounds, jumpers, hydraulic tools, safety equipment, and are also fully customizable.

Custom Truck is also able to provide tools for forestry trucks and other vehicles. Additionally, we can drop-ship kits to customers separately from an equipment purchase or rental.

Contact your current Custom Truck equipment or tool contact or call 800.252.0043 for more information.

Storm season is fast approaching, if not already here, in several regions, and you’ll want to make sure your vehicles are tooled up and ready to repair and reconstruct.