Fassi F145Z Under CDL Grapple

What is a Grapple Loader?

A grapple loader, as defined by ANSI Z245.1, is “a hydro-mechanical device able to rotate on an axis with a grapple or bucket attached at the end of the boom, which is intended for the collection of waste that due to size and/or weight is impractical to containerize.”

Who Uses Grapple Loaders?

Grapple loaders are used by the forestry departments, public works departments and waste collection companies. They’re called in for loading/unloading of unwieldy material by road construction and repair companies, and prove indispensable during disaster relief efforts.

Advantages of Using Grapple Loaders:

  • Grapple loaders are a bulky waste management solution. (A sizable portion of up to 40% of the municipal solid waste in many cities is bulky trash.) For example, trees, branches, logs, discarded building material, discarded flooring, discarded electronic goods etc., which are difficult to collect, contain and haul away, can be done using grapple loaders that accomplish these jobs, quickly, efficiently and safely.
  • Grapple loaders cut down the need to deploy large crews, as the mechanized system can usually be managed by a single operator.
  • They keep workers off the road, and safe from the possibility of accidents, especially in congested, high-traffic areas.
  • The waste material, which may include roadkill, glass and other unexpected hazards, don’t have to be handled by the operator, as the grapple does the job of loading via controls that are inside the operator’s cabin.
  • According to studies, more than 42% of illegal dumping is the result of a lack of affordable and efficient collection systems. A study conducted by Reed, Stowe & Yanke’s proved that the average cost per ton for collecting illegally dumped material was approximately $326 and the average cost per dump site cleaned up totaled approximately $805. This is a perennial and constant problem for municipal services, and grapple loaders do an excellent job of clearing out these illegal dump sites, legally and inexpensively.

Types of Grapple Loaders:

Principally, there are 6 kinds of grapple loaders:

  • Loader And Body System (includes a dump body).
  • Roll-off System (grapple loader mounted behind a truck cab, with a cable roll-off mounted behind the grapple).
  • Rear Steer System (grapple loader mounted on the rear of a short frame chassis with an operator’s cab mounted between loader and chassis cab).
  • Rear Mounted Loader And Haul Truck System (grapple loader mounted on the rear of a short frame chassis, loading into separate haul trucks and offering the advantage of continuous loading).
  • Rear Mounted Loader And Trailer System (loading into connected trailers, thus saving time and making the operation more efficient than most traditional loading methods).
  • Transfer System (grapple loading mechanism mounted with a dump truck body on a truck chassis. The grapple truck loads into the dump truck body or into separate haul trucks).


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