Hydratrek Storm Cleanup Amphibious ATV

As we enter into hurricane season, utility contractors and tree care companies are preparing their fleets for storm recovery and clean-up efforts in the wake of devastating storms. With winds anywhere from 74 mph to over 156 mph, these storms can cause catastrophic damage. When Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area, Custom Truck felt the impact as our Humble, TX office was affected. Fortunately, our other offices were able to send equipment to help the restoration efforts near the gulf. We know first-hand how urgent the need for fleet solutions is when facing an approaching or recent storm. That’s why we stay stocked and ready with the right equipment to help contractors and IOUs respond to affected communities as quickly as possible.

Bucket Trucks

In many cases, power outages occur when utility lines are knocked down. Bucket trucks ranging from 40 ft. all the way to 125 ft. were sent to help restore power after Harvey made landfall. With over $125 billion in damages, you can imagine the amount of equipment contractors and IOUs needed to help Houston get back on its feet. Custom Truck was able to send both insulated bucket trucks, for the high-voltage utility lines, as well as non-insulated bucket trucks for cable lines and vegetation management.


Storm Relief Bucket Truck Terex


Digger Derricks

Digger derricks were also in high demand following Hurricane Harvey. With winds that strong, telephone poles and powerline poles are knocked over, snapped or destroyed. Digger derricks were sent to dig holes in the ground to prepare for new poles. With sheave heights ranging from 47-65’, Custom Truck’s Commander 4047s, 6060s and General 65s were the equipment of choice.

Tree Care Equipment

After a storm like this, downed powerlines are a major concern, with large trees being one of the many causes. Custom Truck’s Forestry team unceasingly builds truck after truck dedicated to the forestry market and storm recovery efforts. Custom Truck builds and stocks the XT56, XT60 and XT70 buckets reaching heights of 61 ft to 75 ft. These are all equipped with a cab guard to prevent loose limbs from falling and damaging the cab. After all, this is highly likely after such a storm with powerful winds.

Tracked Recovery Vehicles

Custom Truck worked with Hydratrek to provide the Hydratrek XT66 specifically for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. These amphibious vehicles were sent to Houston in the middle of the storm. They helped retrieve people from flooded homes, ditches and vehicles to get them to safer ground. They were the best solution as they can go from muddy grounds to floating in water without stopping. After much use out of the first few sent to Houston, many more were built specifically for Harvey recovery efforts.

Cranes, Material Handlers, and More

It is a moral obligation for us to build, stock and service the equipment that communities require to recover from storms of this magnitude. Not just buckets and diggers, but boom trucks for the heavy lifting required during both rehabilitation and reconstruction, service trucks to stay onsite and keep units in operation, Load King dump trucks to haul downed material away, grapples to clear the roads. We perform the necessary inspections to ensure your equipment is ready to work when needed.

We know first-hand how devastating storms can be, and how quickly they emerge. By being prepared and sourcing recovery units from our nationwide fleet, our Houston branch was able to recover and go to work for the community. So the question is, is your fleet prepared? With such a high demand for storm recovery equipment, it’s important to have your strategy in place before a storm comes. It’s our honor to be the provider you rely on to be equipped.