Grapple in Winter

Winter is a great time for the forestry industry. Logging, for example, when the ground is frozen, reduces the impact of heavy equipment that cause compaction and rutting when the soil is soft, which in turn damages roots, weakens future stand development and spreads disease. The likelihood of forestry equipment accidentally “skinning” (ripping the bark from trees) is reduced as well, and the food energy is saved, because nutrients are typically stored in the roots during winter when trees are dormant. But to stay busy, profitable and safe through the winter season and achieve all this, the heavy equipment used for forestry has to be properly winterized first.

The following 8 tips will help you make sure you’re doing everything to keep your forestry equipment protected from the ravages of winter weather that can damage pipes, undercarriages etc, and weaken them so much that they fail on the job and cost you time and money.


Forestry Winterization Checklist - Infographic


Got Forestry Equipment Needs?


Don’t forget to winterize your equipment this year.

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