Digger Derricks & Pressure Diggers

Custom Truck One Source is your one-stop shop for all utility equipment needs, including digger derricks, pressure diggers, and backyard digger machines. Browse through leading manufacturers including Terex, Versalift and Skylift and find the digger derrick or pressure digger that’ll help you get the job done.


Distribution Digger Derricks

Distribution digger derricks come with sheave heights up to around 50 ft. Our most popular digger derrick for electic distribution and telecommuncations is the Terex C4047, giving the operator a sheave height of 47′.


Transmission Digger Derricks

For transmission projects, utility contractors are looking for diggers with a sheave height of 60′ or greater. Equipment manufacturers including Terex and Elliott Equipment will get the job done, with sheave heights up to 117′.


Pressure Diggers

For digging through rock and other tough surfaces, pressure diggers are what you need to get the job done. Custom Truck One Source has a couple options to offer manufactured by Terex.


Easement Diggers

Backyard diggers come in handy when the jobsite is in tight spaces, requiring smaller equipment. We have a couple Skylift backyard digger options to help with those jobs, with sheave heights from 40′ to 48′.


Track Digger Derricks

For the swampy and otherwise hard-to-reach places, tracked digger derricks may be just what you need to get the job done. We carry a variety of brands including Terex & Versalift on track machines manufactured by Prinoth, Morooka and Kato.

Leading provider of Digger Trucks across North America

Whatever type of digger derricks or trucks you need, you’ll find a great selection of suitable models at Custom Truck One Source. Our range of new and used digger derricks for sale includes track, distribution and transmission digger derricks from Terex and Elliot. We also have Skylift easement diggers and pressure diggers from Terex and Spiradrill for sale at very competitive prices. And if you’re looking for financing to buy a new truck, visit Custom Truck Capital to see what our in-house team can do for you.

If you only need a digger derrick or digger truck for a short period of time, we offer rental deals on many models: feel free to call and inquire about these at any time.

With new and used sales, rental deals, financing, maintenance, customization, remanufacturing and asset disposal, we offer a truly comprehensive digger derrick and truck service from various locations across North America.

What sort of modifications can you perform on digger derricks?

If you find digger derricks for sale on our site that would be perfect for your needs with a few modifications, just let us know. We offer custom design and fabrication services for truck frames, suspension and many other components. Whatever specific requirements you may have, please do not hesitate to request a quote or contact our sales department to discuss them in more detail with one of our specialists. Our team has years of experience in the modification of digger derricks and other types of diggers, enabling us to provide a first-class customization service to our North American clients.

We understand that some jobs require a digger derrick with capabilities that may be difficult to find on the open market, which is why we are pleased to be able to offer premium customization services at very competitive rates. As you can see from the testimonials we receive, our determination to meet all our customers’ requirements is very much appreciated.

How responsive is your digger derricks/trucks maintenance and repair service?

We aim to provide a highly responsive maintenance and repair service to customers in all parts of North America. Wherever you are and whatever type of truck you buy from us, you can look forward to industry-leading support in the future. Our maintenance team looks after track, distribution and transmission digger derricks for customers across the USA and Canada, along with pressure diggers and other types of digger trucks. If you want to buy from an organization that provides comprehensive support, look no further than Custom Truck One Source. As our name suggests, we aim to be the one source for all your requirements: buy or rent a digger derrick from us and you will never have to look for a third-party repair service or struggle with technical issues on your own.

What are the main advantages of buying from Custom Truck One Source?

If you have only just discovered us, please check out our FAQs for more information on what we do and how we differ from most other truck dealers in North America. If you’re looking for a quick summary of the main reasons to buy or rent from us rather than one of our competitors, we have listed the main benefits below:

  • Full maintenance, repair and modification services — With Custom Truck, expert technical assistance is always just a phone call away.
  • Competitive prices — Whether you’re looking to rent, lease or buy outright, we offer some of the keenest prices you’ll find anywhere in the USA.
  • Great choice — We have a wide range of digger derricks and pressure digger trucks for sale or hire on our website, all from leading manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for digger derricks rental deals or new pressure digger for sale, we have what you need.

What industries do you serve in the USA and Canada?

We serve companies in many different industries across North America, from forestry, rail, building supply and construction, to propane and refined fuel, oil & gas, utilities and telecoms. If you’re looking for digger derricks for sale to help you lay utility lines in urban locations or easement diggers for sale that are ideal for small residential property development sites, you will find exactly what you need at Custom Truck One Source. And if you can’t immediately see what you need on our website, please get in touch with us by phone or email so we can steer you in the right direction.