KANSAS CITY, Missouri. (March 17, 2016) – Utility One Source announces a new partnership with Ring-O-Matic, to provide customers with rental solutions for Ring-O-Matic vacuum excavation trucks, trailers and skid-mounted systems. The partnership further demonstrates the Utility One Source mission of offering unmatched, diversified equipment solutions in the industries it serves. “The Ring-O-Matic team is excited to partner with Utility One Source and see them as a perfect fit for our strategic plans, both short and long term,” says Brian Metcalf, President of Ring-O-Matic. “They provide a unique and needed solution to national utility contractors, yet have the ability to service local markets as well. It’s a great fit for Ring-O-Matic!”

The addition of this prestigious brand to Utility One Source’s ever-broadening portfolio reinforces UOS’ commitment to offering the most competitive and dynamic equipment solutions.

Ring-O-Matic products now available through Utility One Source include:

  • 550 gallon high CFM vacuum excavators with potholing capabilities, trailer and truck/skid mount
  • 850 gallon high CFM vacuum excavators with potholing capabilities, trailer and truck/skid mount

To learn more about Ring-O-Matic or additional Ring-O-Matic products, visit www.Ring-O-Matic.com.

About Ring-O-Matic

Ring-O-Matic proudly manufactures Vacuum Trailers, Vacuum Trucks, Skid Mount Systems, and Car Wash Pit Cleaners. Tank capacities range from 150 gal (600L) to 3000 gal (11500L). Their 50+ year commitment to quality and reliability ensures you will be operating the finest equipment on the market today. Ring-O-Matic’s machines are designed for longevity and work efficiently in a wide variety of applications.

About Utility One Source

Utility One Source (UOS) is comprised of six industry-leading equipment providers; five family-operated businesses (Custom Truck & Equipment, Utility Fleet Sales, Forestry Equipment of Virginia, UCO Equipment, and TNT Equipment) and Load King, the known manufacturer of highly proficient and customizable trailers. UOS’ continued growth since its inception in February of 2015 represents the platform’s collective commitment to perpetual expansion of and dominance within each legacy company’s equipment focus. The platform boasts a truly unparalleled range of equipment and service offerings, and will pursue unending evaluation and optimization of its collaborative portfolio to ensure an indelible position at the forefront of equipment innovation within the utility and heavy equipment industries.