Pulling & Tensioning Gear


Bullwheel Tensioners

Custom Truck One Source has great partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers for tensioning equipment, including TSE, Sherman + Reilly and Hogg & Davis. Tensioning capacity starts at 3,000 lbs. and goes up to 10,000 lbs.


Bullwheel Puller Tensioners

Custom Truck One Source has a wide array of puller-tensioners to choose from, with top manufacturers including Condux Tesmec, Sherman + Reilly, TSE and Wagner Smith. Tensioning capacities start at 5,600 lbs. with the Condux Tesmec AFS303 and go up to 25,000 lbs. using the Sherman + Reilly PTR-7230.


Zeck Aluminum Separator (ZAS)

The Zeck Aluminum Separator (ZAS) is the newest patented innovation to sort scrap ACSR conductors more efficiently. When power companies are required to take down old power cables and replace with new, they typically use large machines to wind up old conductor on split reels. This process results in low aluminum value with an extensive amount of work involved. Much smaller, the ZAS Harvester separates the aluminum from the steel cable core, chops up the separated aluminum into prime-size pieces with higher value and uses a winder with a split reel to wind up the steel core for disposal.


Single Drum Puller Tensioners

With pulling capacities starting at 4,500 lbs. all the way up to 30,000 lbs, Custom truck One Source has various solutions to offer when it comes to single drum pullers. Top manufacturers include Sherman + Reilly, Hogg & Davis and Wagner Smith.


Four Drum Pullers

Four Drum Pullers are available across Custom Truck One Source locations across the nation, with pulling capacities from 2,000 lbs., with the Hogg & Davis ODP20-4, up to 4,000 lbs on the Sherman + Reilly PLW-400.


Winder Skids

You have a couple options to choose from when it comes to winder skids, both manufactured by Condux Tesmec. The Condux Tesmec RW23 and Condux Tesmec RW24 winder skids, both equipped with storage.


Reel Stands

Reel stands are available from either Condux Tesmec, Reelstrong or Sherman + Reilly, with either H-Frame or A-Frame styles. Reel capacities range from 20,000 lbs. to 26,000 lbs.


Inspection Trolley - Spacer Carts

Aluminum alloy inspection trolleys allow two persons, in a standing position, to inspect two, three and four bundled conductor lines. The trolleys are equipped with spacers and insulators on top, along with stationary brakes and a meter counter.


Reel Trailers

Custom Truck One Source offers single and multi reel trailers from the industry-leading manufacturers, including Load King, Reel Strong and Brooks Brothers. Choose from a variety of single reel trailers up to two-reel, three-reel and even four-reel trailers.



Custom Truck One Source offers a few options for underground pullers with either electric or air brakes and max pulling force capacities from 7,500 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. All models are single axle pullers and come from manufacturers like Thaler, Hogg & Davis and Sherman + Reilly.

CT-12 Rope - Yale Cordage

Pulling & Tensioning Accessories

Yale is constantly improving the safety and productivity of its products – up in space, down to the deep seafloor, and everywhere in between. A rope industry leader in expertise and innovation – Yale is passion for the pursuit of better performance.