Load King LK-VGPT72 V-Groover Puller W/Cab

The LOAD KING LK-VGPT72 is a highly efficient V-Groover Puller with an integrated cab, designed for versatile pulling and tensioning operations. Featuring a continuous line pull rating of 10,000 lbs. and an infinitely variable speed with a maximum of 6.0 mph, this equipment offers precision and flexibility. Its 72″ V-Groove bullwheel with a 68″ groove pitch allows for optimal control during operations, functioning seamlessly as both a puller and a tensioner, providing light tension suitable for small conductors and fiber. The direct hydraulic-driven bullwheel ensures precise control, and the equipment is equipped with a hydraulic self-loading system with separate drives for reel winder, chain, and sprocket. Additional features include a hydraulic raise/lower cab with air and heat for operator comfort, joystick-controlled hydraulic evenwind, hydraulic rear stabilizers, and a tongue jack for stability during operation. Powered by a robust 173 HP T4F diesel engine, it comes with a trailer measuring 27′ L x 102″ W x 12″ H, weighing 24,500 lbs., making it a comprehensive solution for demanding pulling tasks.