Load King LK-3DPT-6K 6,000 Lbs. Three Drum W/Cab

The LOAD KING LK-3DPT-6K is a robust Three Drum Puller with an integrated cab, designed for high-capacity pulling and tensioning operations. With a pulling and tension capacity of 6,000 lbs. at the top of the drum and an infinitely variable speed, maxing at 5.5 mph, this equipment provides versatility and precision. The top of the drum features a light hydraulic tensioning mode for flying out ropes, and air-actuated wide band style friction drum brakes ensure controlled operations. The drive system incorporates variable displacement hydraulics, planetary drive motors, and chain and sprocket with locking drum engagement. Hydraulic brakes maintain line tension even if the pull is stopped or power/hydraulic pressure is lost. The equipment includes a hydraulic raise/lower cab with air and heat for operator comfort, a single joystick-controlled hydraulic levelwind, and is powered by a 174 T4F diesel engine. The trailer, measuring 32’2″ L x 102″ W x 12’1″ H, has a weight of 47,550 lbs. and a capacity of 25,000′ of 11mm (7/16″) HD Anti Twist Wire Rope, making it a comprehensive solution for demanding pulling tasks.