Asset Disposal

Everything you purchase and maintain requires investment. When these assets age and decrease in efficiency or usefulness, their costs increase while their performance declines. Eventually, they’ll reach the end of their life and begin collecting dust. However, while they’ve become impractical for your business, they might become a prized possession of another.

Rather than letting those resources sit untouched, properly disposing of them is a convenient method of freeing up space and capital.

What is Asset Disposal?

Asset disposal is the process of removing long-term assets from your company’s financial records. Over time, your vehicles and equipment may not be able to turn a profit like they once did, with costs for storage, maintenance, and repairs building up.

Rather than keeping something with limited use to your operation, you can calculate the item’s disposal value, which is its remaining worth, and choose the most suitable disposal option, whether a private sale, auction, or donation. Often, asset disposal will reduce your overhead, cover the equipment’s original cost and provide capital to invest in a newer model.

If you aren’t sure whether asset disposal is the right option for you, consider the following reasons why many companies dispose of their old equipment:

  • An asset has fully depreciated.
  • It is more expensive to repair than it is to replace.
  • The equipment offers substandard performance.
  • It increases operational downtime.
  • It is no longer suitable for their daily work.

Custom Truck One Source Can Dispose of Your Equipment

At Custom Truck One Source, we are committed to providing companies with reliable services to address their specialty truck and heavy machinery needs. When it’s time to part ways with your assets, clean up your record books and free up some capital, you can count on our Marketplace and Auction services to help.

Custom Truck Marketplace

Selling has never been easier than with our innovative marketplace. Our 24-hour platform offers a hassle-free, low-risk solution so you can liquidate your assets with confidence. We’ll do all the hard work to get your items in front of the right eyes while you enjoy low fees, higher returns, and speedy transactions. No matter where you’re located, Custom Truck One Source allows you to safely and reliably dispose of your assets.

Custom Truck Auction

Custom Truck One Source hosts auctions once a month as a part of our end-to-end equipment services. You can list your equipment directly in our auctions and position it in front of our vast network of buyers, allowing them to bid on it in real-time. You’ll receive all the proceeds when your item sells, thanks to our 0% seller’s fee.

Trust in Custom Truck One Source to Help With Your Asset Disposal

Custom Truck One Source is your go-to dealer if you’re looking to dispose of your heavy machinery and equipment. We’ll list your as-is, used equipment for sale, find buyers and get you paid with our Marketplace and Auction services. We have served the special truck and heavy machinery industry for over 30 years, helping businesses get their hands on the tools they need to succeed. Now, we’re helping them get rid of the equipment they no longer require.

Get started selling today or contact us online for more information about how we can assist with your asset disposal.