Roll-Off Trucks

Custom Truck One Source is the #1 dealer of Galbreath cable hoist roll-offs and hooklift trucks and also offers a variety of hooklift roll-off trucks manufactured by Palfinger. For California customers we offer AMREP cable hoist roll-off trucks with narrow rails. All roll-offs and hooklifts are available on a variety of chassis.


Cable Hoists

Galbreath is recognized as the industry leader for superior engineered roll-off trucks that deliver greater payload capacities and outperform other manufacturers’ hoists. With legendary durability and service life, these hoists will outlast most chassis.

Amrep’s hoists can be configured for a variety of alternative fuel types including CNG, LNG, hybrid or electric. Amrep is currently the only roll-off manufacturer that offers hoist cylinder mounting inboard of the chassis frame, freeing up the exterior frame for CNG saddle mount tanks on shorter wheelbases or cabover roll-off installs. This keeps wheelbases shorter which provides better weight distribution and allows for maximum fuel capacity.


Hook Hoists

Galbreath hook hoists offer greater versatility and maneuverability than traditional roll-off cable hoists. Hook hoists improve operator safety by allowing for easier in-cab hoist operation. Furthermore, exceptionally fast cycle times and up to a 62 degree dump angle, for clean discharge, make Galbreath hook hoists a good choice for hauling shorter containers.

Palfinger is another strong brand in the design and manufacturing of hooklifts. Palfinger hooklifts have become popular because of their unparalleled degree of versatility and efficiency on the job.


Small Truck (WT Series)

Galbreath’s Work Truck Series Cable Hoists are designed to transport loaded containers and equipment up to 20k lbs. and 18’ long. Say goodbye to welding onto the chassis frame with these light-duty hoists featuring bolt-on-design for easy installation. Ideal for metropolitan areas, general contractor projects, landscaping and waste handling.

Including cable and hook hoists from Amrep, Galbreath, and other leading roll-off truck manufacturers, we have a wide range of roll-off trucks for sale in North America. If you’re looking for roll-off trucks that offer a combination of reliability, good performance, and decent payload capacity, you’ll find everything you need at Custom Truck. And with fantastic after-sales services, including maintenance, repairs, and modifications for all roll-off truck brands and models, you simply can’t go wrong.

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How much do new roll-off trucks cost?

The prices of the new roll-off trucks for sale on our website vary depending on specification and configuration options but you can request a quoteonline for any particular model in which you’re interested. If you’d like to have a look at our range in person, you’re also more than welcome to visit one of our locations in the U.S. or Canada and discuss pricing with a member of our team. You can be assured that the prices for all our roll-off trucks are very competitive and we work hard to ensure that this remains the case. We have good relationships with the top roll-off truck manufacturers in both North America and worldwide — enabling us to offer great deals to our customers on a wide range of vehicles.

Why should I buy roll-off trucks from Custom Truck One Source?

In addition to our competitive prices and wide choice of makes and models, there are a number of other advantages to dealing with us when you want to buy a new heavy-duty roll-off truck:

We are a genuine one-stop shop for all your truck and trailer needs

— We don’t just sell new roll-off trucks, we provide a full after-sales service to our customers as well. This includes a comprehensive line of parts, maintenance, repairs, modifications, and remanufacturing of older models when required. And if you need any other types of trucks, you’ll find we have a great range available: we have many excellent forestry boom trucks,forestry bucket trucks,chip trucks, dump trucks,grapple trucks,service trucks and skidders/timberjacks for sale. We also have an extensive selection of trailers for sale and rent.

In-house financing options

— We have our own financing arm and can arrange competitive financing and leasing packages that help you to manage your roll-off truck costs more easily.

We are truck and trailer specialists

— As experienced industry specialists, we can help you to choose roll-off trucks that meet your needs at the right price.

Nationwide presence

— With over 35 service centers spread across North America, we’re able to provide a highly responsive after-sales service to all of our customers.

Large rental fleet

— We have a very large fleet of rental trucks available for customers with specific short-term requirements. The ability to buy and rent from the same company simplifies your procurement processes considerably and ensures that you enjoy the same high level of service for all your roll-off trucks.

Asset liquidation service

— We help customers to dispose of aged assets through our online sales through Custom Truck-Housby. When your trucks and trailers are no longer serviceable, we can help you to sell them for the best prices possible.

Straight-talking, trustworthy experts

— We aim to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with the service we provide. If you are looking for roll-off truck dealers that you can trust, Custom Truck is here for you.

Do you accept trade-ins on the roll-offs for sale on your website?

Yes, we are able to accept trade-ins when you buy a new roll-off truck from us. To find out how much we’re willing to pay you for your old truck, complete the quotation request form on our website and we’ll get back to you with an offer. The price we offer will depend on the make, model, and condition of your truck but we guarantee it will be a fair one. As you can see from the many positive testimonials we receive, we deal fairly and honestly with all our customers — whether they are buying, renting, or taking advantage of our maintenance, modification, and repair services.